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Re-platforming a FX Broker’s Platform: A Case Study

In the rapidly evolving world of financial trading, staying ahead of the competition requires constant innovation and adaptation. For global forex brokers, providing a robust, reliable, and high-performance trading platform is essential to attract and retain clients.

One way to achieve these goals is through re-platforming existing applications to embrace cloud-native capabilities.

LogicalCube recently delivered a successful re-platforming of a retail forex broker, with an international footprint, client and admin portals.

The Challenge

The customer is a large Australian based forex trading business, providing global online trading services to institutional and individual customers. Approximately USD$8b+ monthly transactions move through the current platform. The customer values the need to scale and maintain their existing platform. They wish to maintain high security standards, whilst designing, building and delivering a next generation platform to enable new markets and opportunities.

The Solution

Download the full case study to discover how we tackled compliance, KYC, trading platform integration, business process automation and data security challenges.

Case Study

Retail Forex Broker

How we re-platformed the tech stack

Why is re-platforming important for global forex brokers?

Re-platforming empowers brokers to provide robust, reliable, and high-performance trading acquisition and trader CRM platform(s). By embracing cloud-native capabilities through re-platforming, brokers can attract and retain clients by delivering enhanced user experiences and meeting the demands of scalability, compliance and security.

What challenges did LogicalCube address during the re-platforming of a retail forex broker?

LogicalCube successfully re-platformed a retail forex broker with an international presence, client, and admin portals. The challenges faced included compliance, KYC (Know Your Customer), trading platform integration, business process automation, and data security. The case study provides detailed insights into how LogicalCube tackled these challenges, enabling the customer to maintain their existing platform while designing and delivering a next-generation solution to capture new markets and opportunities.

How does re-platforming help forex brokers scale their operations?

Re-platforming enables forex brokers to scale their operations effectively. By embracing cloud-native capabilities, brokers can leverage the scalability offered by cloud platforms.

How can I access the full case study for more information?

To access the full case study, which provides detailed insights into LogicalCube’s successful re-platforming of a forex broker’s platform, you can download it from this page. The case study covers various aspects, including compliance, KYC, trading platform integration, business process automation, and data security. It offers valuable information on the challenges faced and the solutions implemented during the re-platforming process.

Re-platforming a global forex broker’s platform using cloud-native technologies is a transformative step that can significantly enhance performance, scalability, and user experiences. By leveraging the power of cloud computing, micro-services architecture, and managed services, brokers can meet the evolving needs of traders, improve operational efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in the dynamic forex market.

Embracing cloud-native capabilities is a strategic investment that holds immense potential for brokers looking to shape the future of forex trading.

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